Topic: Section 28. Submission of proposal and acceptance by creditors

(1) An insolvent may at any time after the making of an order of adjudication submit a proposal for a composition in satisfaction of his debts or a proposal for a scheme of arrangement of his affairs in the prescribed form, and such proposal shall be submitted by the official assignee to a meeting of creditors.

(2) The official assignee shall send to each creditor who is mentioned in the schedule, or who has tendered a proof before the meeting, a copy of the insolvent's proposals with a report thereon, and if on the consideration of such proposal the majority in number and three-fourths in value of all the creditors whose debts are proved resolve to accept the proposal, the same shall be deemed to be duly accepted by the creditors.

(3) The insolvent may at the meeting amend the terms of his proposal if the amendment is in the opinion of the official assignee calculated to benefit the general body of creditors.

(4) Any creditor who has proved his debt may assent to or dissent from the proposal by a letter, in the prescribed form, addressed to the official assignee so as to be received by him not later than the day preceding the meeting, and any such assent or dissent shall have effect as if the creditor had been present and had voted at the meeting.