Topic: What are its major initiatives of Human Rights Commission

# Civil Liberties
# Review of statutes, including Terrorist & Disruptive Activities Act, and (draft) Prevention of Terrorism Bill, 2000
# Protection of human rights in areas of insurgency and terrorism
# Guidelines to check misuse of the power of arrest by the police
# Setting up of Human Rights Cells in the State/City Police Headquarters
# Steps to check custodial deaths, rape and torture
# Accession to the Convention against Torture, Additional Protocols to the Geneva Conventions.
# Discussion on adoption of a Refugee Law for the country
# Systemic reforms of police, prisons and other centers of detention
# Visit to Jails, mental hospitals and similar other institutions
# Review of laws, implementation of treaties, and the international instruments on human rights
# Economic, Social & Cultural Rights
# Elimination of bonded labour and child labour Issues concerning Right to Food
# Prevention of maternal anaemia and congenital mental disabilities In the child
# Human Rights of persons affected by HIV/AIDS
# Public Health as a human rights issue
# Rights of the vulnerable groups
# Rights of women and children, minorities, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes
# People displaced by mega projects
# People affected by major disasters such as the super-cyclone in Orissa and the earthquake in Gujarat.
# Monitoring the functioning of the Mental hospitals at Ranchi, Agra and Gwalior, and the Agra Protection Home, under a # Supreme Court remit.
# Action Research on Trafficking
# Promotion and protection of the rights of the disabled.
# Rights of Denotified and nomadic tribes
# Welfare of the destitute widows of Vrindavan
# Elimination of manual scavenging
# Promotion of human rights literacy and awareness in the educational system and more widely in society.
# Human rights training for the armed forces and police, public authorities, civil society, and students
# Research through well-known academic institutions and NGOs on various issues relating to human rights
# Publication of Annual Report, monthly Newsletter, Annual Journal, and research studies
# Consultation with NGOs and experts/specialists on Human Rights Issues