Topic: Section 24. Certification of documents of marriages solemnized

Certification of documents of marriages solemnized in accordance with local law in a foreign country

(1) Where -

(a) a marriage is solemnized in any foreign country specified in this behalf by the Central Government, by notification in the Official Gazette, in accordance with the law of that country between parities of whom one at least is a citizen of India ; and

(b) a party to the marriage who is such citizen produces to a Marriages Officer in the country in which the marriage was solemnized -

(i) a copy of the entry in respect of the marriage in the marriage register of that country certified by the appropriate authority in that country to be true copy that entry; and

(ii) if the copy of that entry is not in the English Language, a translation into the prescribed language of that copy ; and

(c) the Marriage Officer is satisfied that the copy of the entry in the marriage register is a true copy and that the translation, if any, is a true translation ;

the Marriage Officer, upon the payment of the prescribed fee, shall certify upon the copy of the entry in the marriage register and upon the translation that he is satisfied that the translation is a true translation of the copy and shall issue the copy and the translation to the said party.

(2) A document relating to a marriage in a foreign country issued under sub-section (1) shall be admitted in evidence in any proceedings if it were a certificate duly issued by the appropriate authority of that country.