Topic: Section 13. Place and form of solemnization

(1) A marriage by or before a Marriage Officer undertakings shall be solemnized at the official house of the Marriage Officers and open doors between the prescribed hours in the presence of three witnesses.

(2) The marriage may be solemnized in any form which parities may choose to adopt ;

Provided that it shall not to be complete and binding on the parties unless each party declares to the other in the presence of the Marriage Officer and, the three witnesses and in any language understood by the parties, - "I, (A), take the (B) , to be my lawful wife (or husband)":

Provided further that where the declaration referred to in the proceeding proviso is made in any language which is not understand by the Marriage Officer or by any of the witnesses, either of the parities shall interest or cause to be interpreted the declaration in a language which the Marriage Officer or, as the case may be, such witness understands.