Topic: Section 15. Reference of question of law, etc., to High Court, etc

If, on the trial of any suit under this Act, any question of to law or of usage having the force of law, or the construction of a document affecting the merits of the case, shall arise, on which the Court shall entertain reasonable doubts, the Court may, either of its own motion, or on the application of any of the parties to the suit, draw up a statement of the case and submit it, with its own opinion, for the opinion of the High Court of Judicature, or of the highest Civil Court of Appeal and Revision in the territory in which the land is situate:

When reference obligatory. Provided that it shall be the duty of every Court held under this Act to make such reference to such High Court, or Court of Appeal, if, in any suit under this Act, any question shall arise in volving any principle of general importance, or the rights of a class.