Topic: Section 24. Power of the State Government to make rules

(1) The State Government may, after consultation with Committee and subject to the condition of previous publication, make rules for the purpose of giving effect to the provisions of this Act in i-natters not falling within the purview of Sec. 23.

(2) In particular, and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing power, such rules may-

(a) Define the powers and duties of the Food (Health) Authority, 1[local authority and Local (Health) Authority under this Act 2[* * *]:

(b) Prescribe the forms of licences for the manufacture for sale, for the storage, for the sale and for the distribution of articles of food or any specified article of food or class of articles of food, the form of’ application for such licences the conditions subject to which such licences may be issued, the authority empowered to issue the same, 3[the fees payable therefor], the deposit of any sum as security for the performance of the conditions of the licences and the circumstances under which such licences or security 4[may be suspended, cancelled or forfeited]:

(c) Direct a fee to be paid for analysing any article of food or for any matter, for which a fee may be prescribed under this Act,

(d) Direct that the whole or any part of the fines imposed under this Act shall be paid to a local authority on realization

(e) Provide for the delegation of the powers and functions conferred by this Act on the State Government or the Food (Health) Authority to subordinate authorities or to local authorities.

(3) All rules made by the State Government under this Act, shall, as soon as possible after they are made, be laid before the respective State legislatures.


Maharashtra. -In Sec. 24 o the principal Act, in sub -section (2), in Cl. (d) for the words “shall be paid to a local authority on realization”, the words “shall, on realization, be paid either to ct local authority. Or officer of the State Government is appointed, as the local authority, be credited to the Consolidated fund of the State” shall be substituted5