Topic: Preamble - The Waste Lands (Claims) Act, 1863


[ACT NO.23 OF 1863]2
[10th March 1863.]


1. Short title given by the Indian Short Titles Act, 1897 (14 of 1897)

2. This Act has been declared to be in force in all Part A States except the Scheduled Districts, by the Laws Local Extent Act, 1874 (15 of 1874), s.3.

It has been declared by notification under s.3 (a) of the Scheduled Districts Act, 1874 (14 of 1874), to be in force in the following Scheduled Districts namely:—

West Jalpaiguri
See Gazette of India    1881, Pt.I, P.1.
The Districts of Hazaribagh, Lohardaga (now the Ranchi District, see Calcutta Gazette, 1899, Pt.1p.44), and Manbhum and Pargana
Ditto    1881, Pt.I, p.504.
Dhalbhum and the Kolhan in the District of Singbhurn
The Porahat Estate in the Sing bhum District
Ditto    1897, Pt.I, p.1059
Kumaon and Garhwal
Ditto    1876, Pt.I, p.605
The Scheduled portion of the Mirzapur District
Ditto    1879, Pt.I, p.383.
Jaunsar Bawar
Ditto    1879, Pt.I, p.382.
The District of Lahaul
Ditto    1886, Pt.I, p.'301
The Districts of Kamrup, Naugong, Darrang, Sibsagar, Lakhimpur, Goalpara (excluding the Eastern Duars) and Cachar (excluding the North Cachar Hills)
Ditto    1878, Pt.I, p.533.

It has been declared under s.3 (b) of the same Act not to be in force in the Scheduled Districts in Ganjam and Vizagapatam, see Gazette of India, 1898, Pt.I, p.872

It has been extended, by notification under s.5 of the last-mentioned Act, to the following Scheduled Districts, namely:—

Western Duars.    Gazette of India,    1875, Pt.I, p.497.
The Tarai of the province of Agra    Ditto    1876, Pt.I, p.505

It has been repealed in Bombay by the Waste Lands (Claims) (Bombay Repeal) Act, 1943 (Bom.9 of 1943).

This Act has been extended to the new provinces and Merged States by the Merged States (Laws) Act, 949 (59 of 1949) and to the States of Manipur, Tripura and Vindhya Pradesh by the part C States (Laws) Act, 1950 (30 of 1950}.

An Act to provide for the adjudication of claims to waste lands.

WHEREAS it is expedient to make special provision for the speedy adjudication of claims which may be preferred to waste lands proposed to be sold, or otherwise dealt with, on account of 1[the Provincial Government], and of objections taken to the sale or other disposition of such lands;

It is enacted as follows:—


1. Subs. by the A.O.1937 for " Govt."