Topic: Sec 19. Collector's statement to the Court

(1) In making the reference, the Collector shall state, for the information of the Court, in writing under his hand-

(a) The situation and extent of the land, with particulars of any trees, buildings or standing crops thereon;

(b) The names of the persons whom he has reasons to think interested in such land;

(c) The amount awarded for damages and paid or tendered under Sections 5 and 17, or either of them, and the amount of compensation awarded under Section 11; 1[* * *]

2[(cc) The amount paid or deposited under subsection (3A) of Section 17; and]

(d) If the objection be to the amount of the compensation, the grounds on which the amount of compensation was determined.

(2) To the said statement, shall be attached a Schedule giving the particulars of the notices served upon, and of the statements in writing made or delivered by the parties interested, respectively.


1. The word β€œand” omitted by Act No. 68 of 1984, (w.e.f. 24-9-1984). Sec. 14

2. Ins. by Act No. 68 of 1984, sec. 14 (w.e.f. 24-9-1984.