Topic: sec 18. Occupancy or tenancy rights not to be extinguished

[18. Occupancy or tenancy rights not to be extinguished.

(1) Where the rights of an evacuee in any land or in any house or other building consist or consisted of occupancy or tenancy rights, nothing contained in any law for the time being in force or in any contract or in any instrument having the force of law or in any decree or order of any Court, shall extinguish or be deemed to have extinguished any such rights either on the tenant becoming an evacuee within the meaning of this Act or at any time thereafter so as to prevent such rights from vesting in the Custodian under the provisions of this Act or to prevent the Custodian from exercising all or any of the powers conferred on him by this Act in respect of any such rights, and, notwithstanding anything contained in any such law, contract, instrument, decree or order, neither the evacuee nor the Custodian, whether as an occupancy tenant or as a tenant for a certain time, monthly or otherwise, of any land, or house or other buildings, shall be liable to be ejected or be deemed to have become so liable on any ground whatsoever for any default of-

(a) The evacuee committed after he became an evacuee or within a period of one year immediately preceding the date of his becoming an evacuee; or

(b) The Custodian.

(2) Where any person acquires or has acquired any rights under a provincial Act or a State Act in respect of any property by reason of being in possession of that property, whether in pursuance of a grant, lease, or allotment made by the Custodian or otherwise, the acquisition of such rights shall not in any way affect or be deemed to have affected the rights and powers conferred on the Custodian under this Act in respect of that property.]