Topic: sec 7. Notification of evacuee property

Where the Custodian is of opinion that any property is evacuee property within the meaning of this Act, he may, after causing notice there to be given in such manner as may be prescribed to the persons interested, and after holding such inquiry into the matter as the circumstances of the case permit, pass an order declaring any such property to be evacuee property.

1[(1-A) Where during the pendency of any proceeding under sub-section (1) for declaring any property to be evacuee property any person interested in the property dies, the proceedings shall, unless the Custodian otherwise directs, be continued and disposed of as if such person were alive.]

(2) Where a notice has been issued under sub-section (1) in respect of any property, such property shall, pending the determination of the question whether it is evacuee property or other-wise, be incapable of being transferred or charged in any way, except with the leave of the Custodian, and no person shall be capable of taking any benefit from such transfer or charge except with such leave.

(3) The Custodian shall, from time to time, notify, either by publication in the official Gazette or in such other manner as may be prescribed, all properties declared by him to be evacuee properties under sub-section (1)