Topic: Section 23. Proceedings on annulment

(1) Where an adjudication is annulled, all sales and dispositions of property and payments duly made, and all acts theretofore done, by the official assignee or other person acting under his authority, or by the Court, shall be valid, but the property of the debtor who was adjudged insolvent shall vest in such person as the Court may appoint, or, in default of any such appointment, shall revert to the debtor to the extent of his right or interest therein on such terms and subject to such conditions (if any) as the Court may declare by order.

(2) Where a debtor has been released from custody under the provisions of this Act and the order of adjudication is annulled as aforesaid, the Court may, if it thinks fit, recommit the debtor to his former custody, and the jailor or keeper of the prison to whose custody such debtor is so recommitted shall receive such debtor into his custody according to such recommitment, and thereupon all processes which were in force against the person of such debtor at the time of such release as aforesaid shall be deemed to be still in force against him as if such order had not been made.

(3) Notice of the order annulling an adjudication shall be published 1in the Official Gazette and in such other manner as may be prescribed.