Topic: Section 6. Delegation of powers to officers to officers of Court

(1) The Chief Justice 1may, from time to time, direct that, in any matters in respect of which jurisdiction is given to the Court by this Act, an officer of the Court appointed by him in this behalf shall have all or any of the powers in this section mentioned; and any order made or act done by such officer in the exercise of the said powers shall be deemed the order or act of the Court.

(2) The powers referred to in sub-section (1) are the following, namely:—

(a) To hear insolvency petitions presented by debtors, and to make orders of adjudication thereon;

(b) To hold the public examination of insolvents;

(c) To make any order or exercise any jurisdiction which is prescribed as proper to be made or exercised in chambers;

(d) To hear and determine any unopposed or ex-parte application;

(e) To examine any person summoned by the Court under section 36.

(3) An officer appointed under this section shall not have power to commit for contempt of Court.