Topic: Section 10. Removal of person likely to commit offence


(1) Where the Special Court is satisfied, upon a complaint, or a police re- port that a person is likely to commit an offence under Chapter II of this Act in any area included in ‘Scheduled Areas’ or ‘tribal areas’, as referred to in article 244 of the Constitution, it may, by order in writing, direct such person to remove himself beyond the limits of such area, by such route

and within such time as may be specified in the order, and not to return to that area from which he was directed to remove himself for such period, not exceeding two years, as may be specified in the order.

(2) The Special Court shall, along with the order under sub-section (1) communicate to the person directed under that sub-
section the grounds on which such order has been made.

(3) The Special Court may revoke or modify the order made under sub-section (1), for the reasons to be recorded in writing, on the representation made by the person against whom such order has been made or by any other person on his behalf within thirty days from the date of the order.