Topic: Section 31. Wages during leave period

(1) For the leave allowed to a worker under Sec. 30, he shall be paid, - (a) if employed wholly on a time-rate basis, at a rate equal to the daily wages payable to him immediately before the commencement of such leave under any law or under the terms of any award, agreement or contract of service, and (b) in other cases, including cases where he is, during the preceding twelve calendar months, paid partly on a time-rate basis and partly on a piece-rate basis, at the rate of the average daily wage calculated over the preceding twelve calendar months. Explanation : For the purposes of Cl.(b) of sub-section (1), the average daily wage shall be computed on the basis of his total full time earnings during the preceding twelve calendar months, exclusive of any overtime earnings of bonus, if any, but inclusive of dearness allowance.

(1-A) In addition to the wages for the leave period at the rates specified in sub-section (1), a worker shall also be paid the cash value of food and other concessions, if any, allowed to him by the employer in addition to his daily wages unless these concessions are continued during the leave period.

(2) A worker who has been allowed leave for lpa-35 any period not less than four days in the case of an adult and five days in the case of a young person under Sec. 30 shall, before his leave begins, be paid his wages for the period of the leave allowed.