Topic: section 41. Power of State Government to make rules

(1) The State Government may, by notification, make rules to carry out the provisions of this Act.

(2) In particular and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing power such rules may provide for all or any of the following matters, namely, -

(a) The salaries and allowances and other terms and conditions of service of the 1[Chairperson and Members] under section 26;

(b) The conditions subject to which other administrative, technical and scientific staff may be appointed by the State Commission and the salaries and allowances of offices and other staff under sub-section (3) of section 27;

(c) The form in which the annual Statement of accounts is to be prepared under sub-section (1) of section 35.

(3) Every rule made by the State Government under this section shall be laid, as soon as may be after it is made, before each House or the State legislature where it consists of two Houses, or where such Legislature consists of one House, before that House.