Topic: Section 10. Plaintiff and defendant in suit under section 5

In every suit instituted under section 5 of this Act, the claimant of the waste land, or objector to the sale or other disposition of such land, shall appear as plaintiff; and the Collector, or other officer aforesaid, shall appear as defendant on the part of 1[the State Government].

Appearance. Either party may appear by pleader or by agent:

Proviso. Provided that if such other officer as aforesaid be the presiding officer of the principal Civil Court of original jurisdiction in the district, the State Government shall appoint some other officer to appear as defendant in the case on its behalf.

Plaintiff and defendant in suits under section 6. In any suit ordered to be instituted 2under section 6 of this Act, { 1[the State Government] by any officer, to be appointed for the purpose, shall appear as plaintiff; and the claimant or objector as aforesaid shall appear as defendant.


1. Subs. by the A.O.1937 for " Govt."

2. The words " by the L.G." Act 4 of 1914, Sch., Pt.I.