Topic: Section 103 A. Disqualifications of insolvent

1[Disqualifications of insolvent. (1) Where a debtor is adjudged or readjudged insolvent under this Act, he shall, subject to the provisions of this section, be disqualified from—

(a) Being appointed or acting as a Magistrate;

(b) Being elected to any office of any local authority where the appointment to such office is by election, or holding or exercising any such office to which no salary is attached; and

(c) Being elected or sitting or voting as a member of any local authority.

(2) The disqualifications which an insolvent is subject to under this section shall be removed, and shall cease if—

(a) The order of adjudication is annulled under sub-section (1) of section 21, or

(b) He obtains from the Court an order of discharge, whether absolute or conditional, with a certificate that his insolvency was caused by misfortune without any misconduct on his part.

(3) The Court may grant or refuse such certificate as it thinks fit.]


1. Ins. by Act 11 of 1920, s.2