Topic: Section 90. Power of the Court

(1) In proceedings under this Act the Court shall have the like powers and follow the like procedure as it has and follows in the exercise of its ordinary original civil jurisdiction:

Provided that nothing in this sub-section shall in any way limit the jurisdiction conferred on the Court under this Act.

(2) Subject to the provisions of this Act and rules, the costs of and incidental to any proceeding in the Court shall be in the discretion of the Court.

(3) The Court may at any time adjourn any proceedings before it upon such terms, if any, as it thinks fit to impose.

(4) The Court may at any time amend any written process or proceeding under this Act upon such terms, if any, as it thinks fit to impose.

(5) Where by this Act or by rules the time for doing any act or thing is limited, the Court may extend the time either before or after the expiration thereof, upon such terms, if any, as the Court thinks fit to impose.

(6) Subject to rules, the Court may in any matter take the whole or any part of the evidence either viva voce or by interrogatories, or upon affidavit, or by commission.

(7) For the purpose of approving a composition or scheme by joint debtors the Court may, if it thinks fit, and on the report of the official assignee that it is expedient so to do, dispense with the public examination of one of the joint debtors if he is unavoidably prevented from attending the examination by illness or absence abroad.