Topic: Section 7. Prohibitions of manufacture, sale, etc. of certain articles

No person shall himself or by any person on his behalf’ manufacture for sale, or store, sell or distribute-

(i) Any adulterated food:

(ii) Any misbranded food.

(iii) Any article of food for the sale of which a licence is prescribed, except in accordance with the conditions or the licence;

(iv) Any article of food the sale of which is for the time being prohibited by the Food (Health) Authority 1[in the interest of public health;] 2[* * *]

(v) Any article of food in contravention of any other provision of’ this Act or of any rule made thereunder, 3[or]

1[(vi) Any adulterant.

Explanation--For the purposes of this section, a person shall be deemed to store any adulterated food or misbranded food or any article of’ food referred to in Cl. (iii) of- Cl. (iu) it he stores such food for the manufacture there from of any article of food for sale.]