Topic: Section 43. General Power to Make Rules

(1) The State Government may, subject to the condition of previous publication, make rules to carry out the purposes of this Act : Provided that the date to be specified under Cl. (3) of Sec. 23 of the General Clauses Act, 1978 (10 of 1978), shall not be less than six weeks from the date on which the draft of the proposed rules was published.

(2) In particular, and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing power, any such rules may provide for -

(a) the qualifications required in respect of the chief inspector and inspector;

(b) the powers which may be exercised by inspectors and the areas in which and the manner in which such powers may be exercised;

(c) the medical supervision which may be exercised by certifying surgeons;

(d) the examination by inspectors or other persons of the supply and distribution of drinking water in plantations;

(e) appeals from any order of the chief inspector or inspector and the form in which, the time within which and the authorities to which, such appeal may be preferred;

(f) the time within which housing recreational, educational or other facilities required by this Act to be provided and maintained may be so provided;

(g) the types of latrines and urinals that should be maintained in plantations;

(h) the medical, recreational and educational facilities that should be provided in plantations;

(i) the form and manner in which notices of periods of work shall be displayed and maintained;

(j) the registers which should be maintained by the employers and the returns, whether occasional or periodical, as in the opinion of the State Government may be required for the purposes of this Act;

(k) the hours of work for a normal working day for the purpose of wages and overtime;

(l) any other matter which is required to be, or may be prescribed.
(3) All rules made under this Act shall, if made by any Government, other than the Central Government, by subject to the previous approval of the Central Government.