Topic: sec 11. Special provisions with respect to certain trust properties

[(1) Where any evacuee property which has vested in the Custodian is property in trust for a public purpose of a religious or charitable nature, it shall be lawful for the Central Government, notwithstanding anything contained in the instrument of trust or any law for the time being in force, to appoint, by general or special order, new trustees in place of the evacuee trustees and the property shall remain vested in the Custodian only until such time as the new trustees are so appointed; and pending the appointment of such new trustees the trust property and the income thereof shall be applied by the Custodian for fulfilling, as far as possible, the purpose of the trust].

(2) In respect of any wakf-alal-aulad, -

(a) Where the mutawali is an evacuee, the property forming the subject matter of the wakf shall vest in the Custodian subject to the rights of the beneficiaries under the wakf, if any, who are not evacuees;

(b) Where not all the beneficiaries are evacuees, the rights and interests of such of the beneficiaries as are evacuees shall alone vest in the Custodian.