Topic: Section 73. Final dividend

(1) When the official assignee has realized all the properly of the insolvent, or so much thereof as can, in his opinion, be realized without needlessly protracting the proceedings in insolvency, he shall, with the leave of the Court, declare a final dividend; but, before so doing, he shall give notice in manner prescribed to the persons whose claims to be creditors have been notified to him but not proved that, if they do not prove their claims, to the satisfaction of the Court, within the time limited by the notice, he will proceed to make a final dividend without regard to their claims.

(2) After the expiration of the time so limited, or, if the Court on application by any such claimant grants him further time for establishing his claim, then on the expiration of that further time, the property of the insolvent shall be divided among the creditors who have proved their debts, without regard to the claims of any other persons.