Topic: Section 69. Declaration and distribution of dividends

(1) The official assignee shall, with all convenient speed, declare and distribute dividends amongst the creditors who have proved their debts.

(2) The first dividend (if any) shall be declared and be distributed within 1[one year] after the adjudication, unless the official assignee satisfies the Court that there is sufficient reason for postponing the declaration to a later date.

(3) Subsequent dividends shall, in the absence of sufficient reason to the contrary, be declared and be payable at intervals of not more than six months.

(4) Before declaring a dividend, the official assignee shall cause notice of his intention to do so to be published in the prescribed manner, and shall also send reasonable notice thereof to each creditor mentioned in the insolvent's schedule who has not proved his debt.

(5) When the official assignee has declared a dividend, he shall send to each creditor who has proved a notice showing the amount of the dividend, and when and how it is payable, and, if required by any creditor, a statement in the prescribed form as to the particulars of the estate.