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Property laws / Re: Father's property - Legal advice required
« Last post by advsarmaroy on Today at 07:11:03 PM »
mere legal advice will not help here for you, here is the link to lawyers in chennai consult them directly:
Property laws / Re: Please help
« Last post by advsarmaroy on Today at 07:07:13 PM »
1. If I lose does it mean I have to automatically vacate ?
ans: owner will file for execution of the order to evict you

2. If I lose can I file an appeal & would that do any good ?
ans: Right to appeal is your fundamental Right, though chances of winning would be deem

3. If I lose, doesn’t he have to then go thru legal process to vacate me ?
ans: owner will file for execution of the order to evict you.

as you see no one answered your query that is because no one is will to for FREE give immoral legally correct solutions for free to destroy their personal Karma.

you should take a QUE from it and simply take up rent else where and buy yourself PEACE of MIND.
Property laws / Re: Property registration and will
« Last post by advsarmaroy on Today at 07:01:54 PM »
once the property is transferred in your mother's name she can do as she pleases
Property laws / Re: Power of Attorney
« Last post by advsarmaroy on Today at 07:00:27 PM »
the owner of a property can create a power of attorney in favour of anyone to manage his property. for a limited time frame
I wouldn't advise on ways to still stick on to a property you don't own, at this ripe old age your parents should shun material attachments and simply look for a new accommodation.

yes there are ways your parents can continue staying in that property, but morally it is damn sick thing to do.

there are many other flats to rent shift. so some morality.
Domestic Violence / sister complain against her brother
« Last post by shubh@ on Today at 09:16:07 AM »
Sir I am a student
Case:  sir my Buaa(father's sister) complaint against my father for property(where my family stay) when my father has constructing house because our old house very bed condition.  At present my family stay rental house  registered owner of property my grandmother. Grandmother already dead. property transferred to (3son and 2 daughter) operation by law . My Buaa is (well satled) she's demanded property in front side and brother constructing house back side . My father question SDM will issue stay order may or maynot ?

I ​have been working​​ with a reputed pharmaceutical company for ​the ​last 10 year​s and ​was a consistent ​performer for ​6-7 years . In 2013 my mother was diagnosed with cancer and after fighting with ​the disease for almost 2 years in 2015 she passed away. After that in 2015 my father met with an accident and was bed ridden​. ​Because of ​all this my performance got affected​ for the next couple of years. During the same ​time period, my ​reporting​​​​ manager started harassing me ​(mentally) ​with ​regular ​emails ​demanding one format or the other, ​which I brought ​to the​ notice of HR and Business unit head.

He also starting delaying my expense approval​s​ for which ​I ​kept writing emails but no action was taken. In 2015 a reconciliation meeting was ​organised between me and the HR manager​, Reporting manager , his boss and Business unit head in which I requested ​to​ change my reporting manage​r. But ​I was asked to start fresh and forget the past. ​Things did not change as if my reporting manager was adamant on making my life hell.

In November 2016 I again reached out to the country manager along with the business unit head regarding the same issue of delayed payment approval and emails. No action was taken against my manager and he continued to harass me mentally. In February 2017 I met my country manager in person and again narrated the whole incidence and also requested for a transfer which I had also requested during my reconciliation meeting.

My mental trauma continued and on 18th of August 2017 I was called to head office and was issued a termination letter for non performance which I refused to accept and came back to my head quarter. Now I have been sent that letter through courier, my official email address has been deactivated. Though I have all the copies of the emails I had sent to the management and HR regarding my mental harassment. Kindly advise me what should be my next step. Can I file a lawsuit against my manager and my company for mental harassment.
My parents live in a rented house in South Kolkata for 2 generations now. It was first rented out to my grandfather in 1948. After his death in 1998, my father's name was included in the rental agreement. My grandfather and my parents have been paying rent on a regular monthly basis as negotiated with the landlord, who stays in the upper floors of the same building. As they have been living there for a long time, the rent has been considerably lower than the market price. For the last 6 months, the landlord has been pushing my father to vacate the floor as soon as possible. My parents have tried talking to the landlord about increasing the rent to match up to the current maret price - however, he has turned deaf ears to the request. Seems like he is not interested in keeping any tenant and want to use the space for business purposes. Currently, the landlord is behaving very rude, sometimes even stopping water supply.(they  handle water pump operations to fill up separate overhead tanks) and even started threating to vacate the floor.  Although the landlord has not moved to court or taken any legal actions but it has been very difficult for my parents to put up with the daily issues that the landlord is creating. Both my parents are above 70 years old and my father has sentimental value to the house since he has been there form his birth.

What are the legal ramifications of such requests/threatenings from the landlord to vacate the place? Is there any legal actions that my parents can take so that they may not have to move out of the house? Since they are legally living in the house for more than 60 years and paying rents without a single default, is there any change in ownership of the house/floor possible? We have tried to talk to the landlord, negotiate with him - but nothing seems to be working.Please advise. Thanks a lot.
Property laws / Power of Attorney
« Last post by Indian on August 20, 2017, 09:05:04 PM »
Can a person prepare a power of attorney to appoint someone as the property care taker?
Property laws / Re: Property registration and will
« Last post by Indian on August 20, 2017, 08:40:19 PM »
Once the property has been transferred on my mother's name can she prepare a power of attorney?
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