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Title: Please Advise (Very Urgent)
Post by: guptanitin29 on April 08, 2015, 06:23:28 PM
Hi I have been married since May 2011 and since then my life is hell. My Husband and i had no relationship, we had physical relation only 6 times in my complete marriage and that to was my initiative, We have differences in our thinking and mentality.He never treated me well in the complete marriage. I got pregnant and after few months my baby was aborted and since then neither my In Laws took care of me neither my husband and they have been treating me like a servant who can cook food for them, cab be used as a driver and so on. My mother In law is always insulting me in front of others and forcing me that we need a boy. I have been going through hell.

In my parental side i have my elderly mom who is there i cant share everything with her as she will not be able to take the shock. I have been taking this since i got married but now i cant take it anymore. Kindly advise me as i want to pursue for Divorce and my husband knows that my mom is going to get retired by year end so he has eyes on my moms retirement fund.
I am really shocked when i heard my husband saying to ask my mom for her retirement funds.

My In laws knows that i am very social and cant pursue for divorce and have been black mailing me emotionally.
Now i want to pursue for divorce . Please advise. 
Title: Re: Please Advise (Very Urgent)
Post by: vivekjoshi on April 09, 2015, 01:26:42 AM
You can visit the family court of your city and ask for the office of Marriage counsellor. They will help you to sort out the issues.

You can hire a Lawyer who is practicing family court, he will file the petition for dissolution of marriage under appropriate section.

As you are Hindu the divorce petition will be filed as per Hindu Marriage Act 1955. If it is a mutual consent divorce it will take 6 month and if it is contested by your husband it can take anything in between 1 year to four years.