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Title: CCTV Legalities in Society
Post by: pravinu on November 29, 2016, 09:30:00 AM
I am part of society where CCTV is installed, we have not formed society yet and everything is under Builder control but we have formed committee which includes few residents for smooth operations of society work, but legally we are not sure about few things,

1) Even if Society is not formed and Bye Laws are not in place what legal things we need to abide to in terms CCTV operations and access?
2) Few of our society members asking footage for their own matters, as a another resident should we give access to them and if so do we need to think about any legal angle here? e.g. Do we need FIR for same from Resident or any other written document?
3) If we need to give access then what things we need to take care of? Like restricting footage tempering?
4) What if appointed committee member is not available in society for giving footage copy, as society is not formed we dont have dedicated working person for handling such matters, does this means resident can launch a legal complaint against the member ?
5) Any other things we need to take care of?

Any help in this matter is highly appreciable.