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Property laws / Help with legal options
« Last post by Maxuser2017 on Today at 02:44:53 AM »

I had invested in a property in 2014 wherein I took a loan from a Bank and paid ~95% of the sale price. The remaining 5% was to be paid once the property was ready for possession.

The due date for completion was Q4 2015 and at this stage it seems the build will probably take another 1-2 years. I am paying the home loan and the interest component as well.

I am thinking of initiating legal proceedings against the builder however had a few queries:

1. Does the Bank have any obligations considering it is a tri-party agreement (Allottee, Builder and Bank)
2. Should I explore to close the home loan if I have necessary funds? I really dont want to continue to pay interest on the home loan if there is a way
3. There are a few other property owners who have legal proceedings already initiated against the builder. Would I need to file a new case or do I have the option to join them?
4. As per the agreement, if I miss paying a required payment or delay it, I am required to pay a penalty of ~18% on compounded interest however if the builder delays  then they are required to pay INR 2 per sqft every month of delay - can I demand equal terms now?
5. Am I legally entitled to demand a meeting with the promoter before filing legal proceedings?
6. I had gone through a broker who had advised me on investing in this project. Will he also be liable for any legal proceedings? Or what will his involvement be?

Apologies for the multiple questions, however will really appreciate some help on this.

Concerned investor
Divorce Laws / divorce on basis of refusal of sexual contact ?
« Last post by freefall123 on Today at 12:27:15 AM »
Dear All,

I am married from last 9 months.
Wife is Bank Employee who resides with her parents away from my town.
She was just with me not more than for 2 days consequently.
We never had physical contact and always she said she needed time period i dont know why.
She has broken contact with me from last 3 months.
When i say about opting for Mutually Divorce she denies it.
I'm suffering from stress because all of this behavior.

After one year can i file a divorce case if she will not be ready for Mutual Conscent on basis of this non sexual contact for one year ?

Also she is a govt employee and i'm in private firm having lower salary than her. So i have to given any kind of maintainence OR alimony ??

Please help
Property laws / can someone help please ?
« Last post by kinjal9000 on September 24, 2017, 03:43:35 PM »
Hello Sir/Madam, About 15yrs ago my dad had to purchase the flat/ an apartment for living in purpose, my fiance financed him half of the amount from the total cost of purchase as he was living abroad at that time. Unfortunately my dad made the papers of purchasing flat in my fiance's name. Later on after my marriage he is taking advantage of his name in that flat where my parents living, threatening in daily basis etc. I have been gone throgh very rough time due to this. Can someone show me the way to come out of this misery..!
Divorce Laws / Re: can i demand alimony
« Last post by anjali123 on September 23, 2017, 10:44:50 AM »
Alimony from an unemployed husband, how will the court grant you that.

You can go for divorce?
thanks for you reply.he do Liasoning.
Property laws / Legality of unregistered will
« Last post by Waitingforjustice on September 22, 2017, 11:18:47 PM »
My brother has a will he recieved from my father on whose death all property would be shared 50% between my brother and I. The will is not registered in the court. Is it a legal and valid will ?
Also, can a US citizen (born in India) inherit property by succession of the will ?
The property was jointly in the name of my father and I.


Property laws / my fathers sister property
« Last post by vivek datta on September 22, 2017, 09:54:24 PM »
My fathers sister is having 162 sq yds house at faridabad. Her husband died in 1984 she is issue less. My father is taking care of her till she died in 2008.
After her death her husband relatives captured the house. We find one katch will but sign on will is suspicious as per judgement. we lost case in both lower court. FacinG FIR ANTICIPATRYBAIL IN HIGH COURT. KINDLY GUIDE WHAT TO DO
Divorce Laws / Re: can i demand alimony
« Last post by advuma on September 22, 2017, 08:42:13 PM »
Alimony from an unemployed husband, how will the court grant you that.

You can go for divorce?
Divorce Laws / Re: divorce or decree of nullity ?
« Last post by advuma on September 22, 2017, 08:39:21 PM »
Why would you like to go for nullity of marriage and create suspicion in others mind that you may be impotent.

You tell your wife you are agreeable to only mutual consent divorce.
Divorce Laws / can i demand alimony
« Last post by anjali123 on September 22, 2017, 09:59:11 AM »
I recently got married. It's an arranged marriage. The guy parents told us that the he is doing an granite business. my parents blindly believed them and accepted for the marriage. After the we came to know that whatever they said were false. the business they claimed to have is shut long bck,he even told us that he did his btech.when i demanded to show his certificates and financial status he verbally abused me and came to hit me. even they gave us wrong DOB .before marriage I haven't got a chance to speak to the guy much,so I decided take some time to start physical relationship. i spoke to him regarding this on first night.he agreed to giv me the time. next day itself he made an issue out of it. his parents started threatening my parents. Even they forced me to start a physical relationship. when I resisted ,the guy started  spreading a rumors about my character and my friends character .he started  to make issue out of every silly thing and tortured me mentally. On other hand his parents were continuously threatening my parents. slowly i got to know whatever they said before marriage were false. My dad suggested us to visit a counselor to sort our differences.  Counselor examined us and recommended guy for a psycho analysis test. We came to know the guy is mentally unfit. They also recommended the guy to see a psychiatrist. As soon as the test is done the guy suddenly started verbally abusing me n my mom. He even came to hit me in front of the public that's the second time he did that. We decided to quit the marriage. Can I demand for alimony??
Property laws / Will execution and property division
« Last post by Swetz10 on September 22, 2017, 06:17:33 AM »
Grandfather's property having 2 unit houses having 2 khatas. Khata 2 is in my mother's name. Khata 1 is in my grandfathers name who passed away last year, transferred to grandmother now. Does she have the right to make and execute a will on her own interest and divide it unequally? How much of the division amount can my mother claim extra, as she has constructed a house on the first floor 25 yrs back. Please help.
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