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Title: Submitted proof of being falsely accused, but still anticipatory bail denied
Post by: Cooper on July 15, 2017, 06:26:23 AM
One of my close friends were falsely accused of sexually harassing one of his staff whom he had caught stealing money from the office account. He confronted her of filing a case at the Police station.
The following day she filed a complaint of my friend having sexually harassed her and had been threatening her for a few weeks. She also said he denied her of her salary. My friend submitted proof proving his alibi at a local amusement park where we had been at from morning to night 8pm on the day the woman had complained of him harassing her.
He also submitted reciept of him having paid her salary. She removed certain parts of her chat with my friend on Whatsapp and made it to resemble him threatening her.

He also attested the woman's police record on which there were 4 complaints of her being accused of theft in her earlier places of work. My friend is a very reputed businessman and also have a clean police record. She had also given some false statements which my friend was able to prove with evidence.
Although my friend was able to show unedited version of the chat on his phone, along with his alibi proof reciept of payment, and all these evidences, he was still denied an anticipatory bail in the high court on whose judgement note said that my friend had altered the Whatsapp chat. His lawyer told him that it is almost impossible to get anticipatory on an alledged harassement/rape case and he is confident enough to prove innocence in the trial.
Is there any truth to this or should I recommend him to change his lawyer. Also was the High Court judge being inclined to the woman or is such a decision common?
Title: Re: Submitted proof of being falsely accused, but still anticipatory bail denied
Post by: SoumyaKundu16 on August 24, 2017, 01:52:25 AM
It is true that in Women harassment cases geting Anti Bail is difficult, you may prayfor Bail in Sessions Court