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Title: comapny ownership legal openion
Post by: RAJU_D on September 30, 2017, 02:43:36 AM
can my brother(Z) be claimed to be binamee of mine(X)  by my partner(Y) .Z is brother of X and freind of  Y.x and y are directors and z helped both and Z is govt employee .company set up by x and y with the help of Z .X and Y are only two directors .z's name not registered in any record but closely helped to develop the company .now after working for 3 years as he has seen profits and he is managing ,Y is telling Z is binamee of X so x is not director  and blackmailing Z that he is govt employee so not interfere .One way he(Y)  is telling the director (X) as binamee of Z  so X is out and other way  as z is govt employee he is nothing to do with the company so Z is out  and thus want to become the proprietor of the company .How can this be dealt .Is Y's  allegations are valid ?With the knowledge of Y only x is director for three years but now y is telling that x is binamee of Z.Y and Z are good friends  and y is trying to cheating z by saying I will complain about z's interference in company .in fact Y is given share of 50% with out any investment to develop the company and x is having 50% share with complete solo investment .Z will technically sound so he helped company developed and now y is trying to cheat both X and Y with different suggest what can be done to stop his cheating
Title: Re: comapny ownership legal openion
Post by: kalaskarkk on February 14, 2018, 05:18:03 AM
Dear Sir,

The issues raised by you are seems to out of record and invites some criminal and civil offences. Better we discuss in person. Send the documents to my e-mail ID.