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Title: Need Help In marriage issue Wife is cheating having affair outside
Post by: rishi82 on March 07, 2015, 06:42:40 PM
Dear All,
I am writing here because I feel I can get some good support from here in legal advice.

I got married on 7th of October 2014 (Just Four Month before)by arrange Indian marriage system. After few days I came to know that my spouse had serious relationship in her past. I just take it very normal and told her its past better not to remember again and move forward. I was thinking now she is married and will not take things in her future again...but I think that was the my biggest blunder..she started fighting with me on every single small and tiny things..moreover she always make false statement in front of her parents and her parents thinks that m not caring her well and all and try to push me hard..anyhow I convince them and tell about her past and assure them I don't care about past they just talk to their daughter and tell her fact..they did but after some time she again started same things again and now she convince her parents also for all things....otherside I am out of india since feb to march end recently I came to know that she went her home without any reason..more over her father came and took her parents took her written statement that she is going on her wish and have no pressure on her...I am out of india so I have less contact now...last time when I talk to her I recorded conversastion..and ask to my parents what she was saying at the time of leaving the both version are different...again I do some research at my end and sources I came to know that she is still in contact with that guy with whom she wanted to marry in past..i have certain call details and bill which clearly shows that she is in contact with that person..when I was analysing that details I came to know that just after my marriage she in continuously in contact with that person...(Since Nov. 2014)..more one some dates I checked on that dates she told me she is going for coclasses but she was talking to that guy in that period of time....more I have some internet proof like mails and profile also in which post  very sensitive and seductive post...I just want to know in this case how can I proceed she is having some criminal intensions also..i.e. when she left my house after some day 3rd of march she mailed me and messaged me to my father by stating that ke "kan khol ke sunlo yaha nahi rahungi Mumbai rahungi aur tumlogo ko bhi kabhi ghar mai nahi ghusne nahi dungi". Apart of this I have no husband wife relationship she is not ready to make any kind of relationship..infact since dec-14 we have no physical relationship.. once I was tried but she warned me "ke apni hado mai raho (Don't try to cross your limits") after that I also keep distance...One more thingh I want to tell that marriage was dowry free infact lots expenses done by us which actually done by bride side i.e payment of banquent hall, sweets payment, etc which receipt are with us...there are some other things but I feel for intial suggestion this is enough..
I just want to ask with all dignities..
As we know marriage act is more inclined toward women but if such things are happens to a male than still its his fault..
How to proceed in this matter actually she is big lire.. is she skip with call details charges....which clearly shown she is in contact with her past or email proof or some internet profile proof..
What kind of case she can filed against me or my family..(Here I want to clear you all  I am out side india since feb-14  in this case she can also file domestic violence which actually happening with me and my parents)
Please help me your enriched knowledge and experience.... please suggest
Title: Re: Need Help In marriage issue Wife is cheating having affair outside
Post by: advkkreddy on March 12, 2015, 06:37:06 AM
Its clear she wants divorce from you.
why dont you both solve the problem amicably.
and file for mutual consent divorce
Title: Re: Need Help In marriage issue Wife is cheating having affair outside
Post by: advocatechennai on March 16, 2015, 05:02:28 AM
Being friendship with a boy is not a act of adultry. Having continous sexual life with others wife is adultry. And it is difficult to prove in India. So file case for divorce on the ground ogf cruelty and make this charges in the petition.