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Dear Querist,

Please understand as per FSSAI Import laws and in case of Importer, NOC of Supplier is not required by the Authority.

The Food Business Operator (FBO) can Import, Repack & Marketing the Product. But, please note that as a FBO must have the facility for Repacking and the said Product must be under approved Food Category as per FSSAI norms.

For more details; you may contact me on 9953670059. My name is R K Singh.(Legal Consultant).

Property laws / Legal heir /successor Rights for a adopted daughter.
« Last post by Jramachandran on June 24, 2017, 01:45:18 AM »
Dear Sir / Team,

I am aged 60 and wife aged 50, has one son & one daughter. We married 30 years before living together.

My wife was an adopted child.  But there is no record to show about her adoption except her father’s name (adopted person) in school certificates.  Adopted father is died and has one son.

My wife’s real father (who is given her child for adoption) is alive and has 2 daughters and 3 sons. But no record to show that she is daughter of real father.

Both, the real father and adopted father (who died) have inheritance properties of Agriculture land and earned house properties.

Please clarify on the below points:

1.   Is my wife has rights as legal successor on both father’s (real & adopted) properties?
2.   Is my wife has rights as successor on the properties of her adopted father (who has one son) to share with.
3.   Is my wife has rights as successor on the properties of her real father (has 5 childs-2 daughter + 3 sons) to share with.
4.   Can her real father’s sons & daughters (5) share properties themselves without giving any share to my wife? (Reasoning that she is been given for adoption in the childhood).

What are the legal heir /successor right on both these parent’s (Real & Adopted fathers) properties for my wife?

Kindly give your valuable suggestion and legal advice to her to claim respective property shares.

Thanks & regards
I, an Indian resident purchased a 3 BHK flat on lumpsum price of Rs 47.00 Lakhs at Bangalore and an “Absolute Sale Deed” has been registered on 11th April 2016 as briefed below:

1. Vendors      : Two Land owners – Area measuring 10,800 Sq. ft.
2. Developer      : A propriety Firm – Who developed & constructed 4 Floors consist of 24 flats by way
                                             of Joint Development Agreement with Vendors (Land owners)
3. Purchaser      : Myself –resident of Bangalore, purchased a 3 BHK Flat with 411 Sq.Ft of UDS
                                             (Un Divided Share of Land- UDS).

As a purchaser, an “Absolute Sale Deed” was signed by Developer (GPA of Vendors) and it was registered with Registrar of Jayanagar, Bangalore. 

The Original Land Title & Mother deed documents are common for all 24 Flat owners.

In all the 24 Flats “Sale Deeds” it is mentioned that the “Original title deeds shall be handed over to the Owners Association on formation of the same”.

 Hence purchasers are left with “Absolute Sale Deed” duly signed by “Developer” on behalf of Vendors (Land owners), which are Registered with Registrar of Jayanagar, Bangalore.

 Now all the Flats has been sold and “Owners Association” is formed and functioning its duties. 

Please clarify on the following points:

1.   Is Land owners are duty bound to surrender “Original Title Deed” to “Owners Association” as agreed by Developer in Sale Deed? 

2.   In the case of, Land owners (who are also resident in two of the flats) refuse to hand over the “Original Title Documents” what are the legal remedies for all other flat owners?

3.   What is legal procedure to be taken by Flat owners under which ACT & Section?

4.   What is time take for “Owners Association” to recover the said documents from Court Proceedings?

5.   Is Flat owners can legitimate to Re-sell their flats with the available first “Absolute Sale Deed”? Or do they need of original land title documents to show to second buyers?

6.   Are the Flat owners are eligible to avail any loan on mortgaging their flats with the available registered “Absolute Sale Deed”? Or they need of Original land title Documents to show to lenders.

I appreciate your valuable comments and suggestions to guide us on the above matter.

Thanks & Regards,
Mobile : +91 78294 88272
Company laws / NOC format for repacking and relabelling from the manufacturer.
« Last post by gemat on June 23, 2017, 08:48:22 PM »
 I am importer of food products mainly dates, dry fruits and nuts. We import in 5-10 kg cartons from middle east and sell it in bulk quantities to local customers and wholesale dealers. We are planning to repack and relabel under our brand name  in small 250, 500 and 1 kg designed packing. We have to get NOC from the manufacturer/supplier for obtaining fssai repacking license.
Could somebody help me with NOC format for above mentioned?
Marriage / Re: Can I marry maternal parallel cousin?
« Last post by advuma on June 23, 2017, 08:48:11 PM »
If permitted by customs and usage you can marry
Marriage / Re: Specific information needed for domestic violence case
« Last post by advuma on June 23, 2017, 08:46:24 PM »
From your query I don't understand what your wife wants. What is the end result she wants to achieve.

First let us know that.

Only than we can tell you what you can do.
Please Help I am in Big Trouble.

I joined a start-up IT company in May 2016. in Jan 2017, I resigned from that company due to financial issues because they were not paying me at the time. Every month they delayed my salary because they are a start-up firm. After releasing They again offer me a good salary and gave me an offer of rejoining in their new branch and promised me to give my salary on time. So i joined that company again in mid of Jan.

Starting 2 months(Jan, Feb) they paid my salary on time, and then they started making excuses that they have a limited budget they can't transfer my salary on time. Due to this financial issue, I did freelancing after company hours that is against their policy because I have signed an appointment letter that includes some point that I can't work on the similar projects that the company having.But nothing is on my name there is no extra transaction in my account. but somehow they provoke me and I accepted that I do freelance work, and my boss recorded it on his phone.

Now they are torturing me by fake FIR copy and they are not giving me my last 2 months salary and required documents. I have a phone recording of my boss in that recording he is accepting that he has not enough funds to pay me that's why he is releasing me from this job.

Now I want my 2 months salary and required documents(releaving and experienced letter) back, but he is telling me if i want that then i have to go to court. What should i do now . Give me advice.

Consumer laws / Fraud
« Last post by Neha.baro on June 23, 2017, 12:46:43 PM »
Hello, actually I took a maid placement service from a company named sai Samantha enterprise (govt. reg). I also have the licence of their company which has a govt stamp. They were supposed to provide me with a full time maid for household purposes. But at first they asked me to deposit a sum of 30000 in advance and which I did but after 2 days when the servant was suppose to reach the workplace they didn't receive the call nor did they transferred the money back. The money was deposited through cash in the bank account for which I have the receipt. Can anything be done to recover my money back and also to teach a lesson to those frauds so they don't do it again? It is a very recent events like 4 days back.
Partnership / Contract laws / Jurisdiction of courts
« Last post by S Natarajan,IRSS on June 23, 2017, 10:53:47 AM »
Dear All,

Good Evening. I am S.Natarajan,IRSS working as Senior Materials Manager,Southern Railway.

I request you to kindly clarify my doubt regarding a case,which i am handling at present. I am from non-legal background and hence find it difficult in understanding the case.

Our job is to procure materials to be used in Southern Railway by entering into contracts with several firms. In one such instance, Toilet soap was procured from a firm by entering into a contract with it. Our contracts are governed by Indian Railway Standard (IRS) Conditions of Contract. The same was clearly mentioned in our Purchase Order and the firm has agreed to it.

The firm was supposed to supply the soaps as per the provisions of Indian Standards (IS:2888-1964).However,the supplies were found to be below standards and hence they were eventually rejected.

The firm contested the rejection and filed a civil suit in its place of business. As per the IRS Conditions of Contract, firm must have resorted to arbitration first before proceeding for litigation. Also, it is clearly mentioned in IRS conditions of contract regarding jurisdiction of courts that only those courts have the jurisdiction where the tender has been accepted.

In this case, our place of business is different from the supplier's place of business. Since the acceptance of tender is done at our place of business, is it legally valid for the firm to file a suit in their place of business and not at ours?

Can this case be dismissed on the grounds that the case must be heard in the courts located at our place of business only?

Requesting you to kindly clear my doubts.

Thanking You,
With Regards,
Mobile: 90031 60796

Marriage / Can I marry maternal parallel cousin?
« Last post by Ymas on June 23, 2017, 02:25:21 AM »
I am Hindu & I wanted to marry maternal parallel cousin (mother's sister's daughter)

In our community, marriage among children of brother and sister (cross cousin marriage) is valid by customs.

Though not customary/prominent, there are few eg (one known to me) maternal parallel cousin marriage (like my case) as well.

Can I marry my cousin under Hindu marriage act or special marriage act?

If not, what are other options to get married? Plz advise
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