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Title: not found my land position
Post by: Jogi on October 16, 2015, 09:48:12 AM
I am living in Kolkata.I purchased a land  in my mother's name.
Plotting was doing by a familiar  advocate.He told us about the land in november2014-Land having 12 between three of them not sale their part.All nine members sold their part to handover power of attorny a other person.They sale the parts on 12november2014.There is a old building on the land.Over a period of a year that old building was not demolished.and we have not taken our part.
We asked both advocate and that person who is taking the POA.But they are not telling the truth.
We are puzzle.pls pls suggest me what I will legally do to take the action against them.
Jogeah Sriwastava