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Dear Sir,

Even in cases where anticipatory bail is not available SC directed to grant interim bail but yours is not so big offence. Any how you may try SC  but it may confirm the HC orders, normally it never interfered provided big shots are involved.
Domestic Violence / Re: File complaint against Judge
« Last post by kalaskarkk on Today at 06:09:53 AM »
Dear Sir,

It is highhandedness of judiciary. If you wish to file complaint against sub-ordinate court judges upto the rank of Sessions Judge, you must file before the Registrar Vigilance or Registrar General of concerned High Court. They will immediately seize file and start inquiry. Paying 10 lakhs at a time is very high. 

In case of filing a complaint against the High Courts Judges you must lodge with respective High Court Chief Justice and a copy to Chief Justice of  India. If you come before the media it is more better.
Dear friend,

Let him prove in the court. Whether he has registered that poem or book under the relevant provisions of Copy Rights Act. Ask him to go to Court. Nothing to worry. Continue your business. Be sure that he is not in the same business. On the other hand it is ppopularising his name, free of cost, if he has really written, and he must be thankful to you.
Dear friend,

If it is so never bother don't use it, there so many other music which you can use and continue your business why spend Rs.15,000/- to him.
Dear Sir,

Please stand in their place and think, is it not wrong to use somebody's property. But be courageous nothing will happen. Never study law it will create confusion like grammer in the language. Go on with your work but have some basic business licenses.
Divorce Laws / Re: Wife is in depperession
« Last post by kalaskarkk on Today at 05:43:46 AM »
Dear friend,

If that is the case then create some medical records that she cannot perform marital duties of sex and on that ground file a  petition and in the means while file interim application seeking permission to marry for second time.  Freeze all your properties and take home salary must be very less. Preventive measures may be taken. If you wish I will draft a divorce petition for you.

Dear Sir,

I have a photo studio shop in Ahmadabad, Gujarat state. I do photography and videography in Gujarat. I got orders of video and photo for wedding, Pre wedding, marriage and other functions. I do mixing filmy/non filmy sound recording in my video data or sometimes done same work of mixing, did by others and also I communicate such work through computer with my customers from my shop.

Here In our state T-series claim that he is owner of copyright such sound recording and No one can use their copyright properties for profits and do not use as commercial purpose without getting licence from owner. T-series issue licence and charged 15,000/-Rs. fees per anum with GST.

In this condition, May I have to take legal license from valid copyright owner for mixing sound recording in video data of marriage functions and pre-wedding? Is it legal or something wrong?


Dipal Vyas
Property laws / Re: execution petition - appeal
« Last post by kalaskarkk on Today at 05:35:49 AM »
Dear Sir,

Normally, stay will be granted by HC. And execution will be stayed. You must see that the appeal is vacated as soon as possible.

You may visit the following link for more information.
Divorce Laws / Re: Wife is in depperession
« Last post by Nandy on Today at 05:34:47 AM »
But do I have to pay as my wife donít want to give divorce on mutual and even her brother is denied for the divorce as they are saying that v will contact the lawyer but not for divorce for her rights as she is fine totally confuse what to do now.
Property laws / Re: makaan kabze ke khilaf letter
« Last post by kalaskarkk on Today at 05:26:25 AM »
Dear Sir,

your question is answered in the following pattern. For more information visit the link at the end.

I have instituted a petition for bona fide requirement under the Delhi Rent Control Act. In the said petition I am claiming that I have a grown up son of 18 years of age and I require one separate room for that son. Is such a demand of requirement of a separate room justified?

A. Yes, such a demand is justified. One single room is required for the grown up child who should be free to use and live in that room in the manner he likes and should be free to devote his time to his studies without disturbance. The ground is justified and bone fide requirement can be proved on this ground.
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