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Title: Protection for Unmarried couple against cops/ Moral police - Hotel stay
Post by: rajanons on November 21, 2013, 12:27:31 AM
I am aged 25 and live in Hyderabad. Me and my girl friend wanted to spend some time in private. Taking a hotel room is the only decent option we have. I know it isn't illegal (she is 24). We are both professional degree holders and responsible citizens.

So last month, we went to a 4 star hotel, booked in advance, informed the hotel guys in advance that we were unmarried and they said it isn't a problem. But when we went there, they realized that we were locals and the manager was called for.

The manager then informed me that task force people were raiding the hotels looking out for illegal activities and there were instances of harassment of guests who were local and unmarried couple by these cops. I told to the manager that it isn't illegal and stuff and he acknowledged, but said that the task force people don't care about that and still harass looking for easy money out of black mail. They may call the families of the guests etc. He said it was in best interest for both parties to avoid confronting this situation. He was kind enough to refund my advance money without a fuss. He advised me that this is a normal scenario in the area and we shouldn't try other hotels as these cops can come anywhere.

I know it is stupid but that is how it is. I didn't confront any of them till now but I know that if I do, it is a nightmare.

I want an advice on how to proceed in this scenario? Is not doing it the only option? It feels so wrong that we can't do something we want even though it isn't illegal/ immoral (in out point of view) and not at all a disturbance to anyone. I know we live in (socialist) India but is there any solution to do what I want without these consequences? I mean, is there a decree I can get by filing a petition with some authorities saying that it isn't illegal? Anything?
Title: Re: Protection for Unmarried couple against cops/ Moral police - Hotel stay
Post by: amanthapeterson on December 05, 2013, 03:34:20 AM
 Its quite unfortunate that the Mumbai police thought they had found the perfect way to tackle crimes against women. They decided to 'disciple' couples found loitering in isolated places, lest they become targets of criminals.
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