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Title: Validity of a will
Post by: angle_chris on October 01, 2015, 01:45:21 PM
My father pass away in 2011. He has 5 legal heirs Now to his property. His Wife, Son( Eldest) and three daughters along with me. Now we are planning for partition of the property. We came to know from our relatives that my brother is planning to take entire property using some document signed by my father at some time, most probably using it as a will. My brother left to USA in 2002 and is US Citizen Now. I along with my friends are married. My mom is a Pensioner.
Please advise me how to approach if my brother brings some kind of will or some document to claim the property.

The property in contention is agricultural land. it is still in the name of my father and the documents related to it are with us.

Thank you.