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Title: Property Issue
Post by: mayurgupta812 on October 18, 2013, 10:30:38 PM

Hi i need an advice on a matter, Please any one can help in it,,,

I, Mr. X, Grand Son of late Shri XX, want to enquire the following points:

1)   That my Grand Father was member of a Group Housing Society  and left one flat.

2)   That my Grand Father was expired on 1986 since at that time I was minor.

3)  That my Grand Father had four legal heirsí i.e two sons and two Daughters

4)  That my Father and my two Aunties had made a RELINQUISHMENT DEED attested by a Notary and give all the rights to my Uncle.

5)  That my father has one daughter and myself. (Married)

6)  That my Uncle expired this year and left behind wife and two daughters (Both Married)

7)  That now my aunty wants the whole flat and creating troubles.

8 )   That at the time of Deed I was minor.

You are requested to kindly give advice to me that how can I get the justice and get my legal rights as Accessory.