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Title: Passport Blackmail
Post by: ramesh1979 on April 26, 2014, 12:57:34 PM
Hello sir, i went to UK 10 years before with Tourist visas of 6 months validity.The moment i reached UK airport,the agent who came to receive me,got my passport with my consent . I worked there illegally for 4 years. when i planned to india, i used my brothers' passport xerox copy to get emergency certificate which allows me to travel to india. 2 Years passed on. My brother went to renew his passport.There he was stopped by passport officials and told him that someone used my passport xerox copy to come to india.My brother came to know that was me.

From then on he threatens and blackmails my parents and me to extract money. I knew this is unlawful. so i was ready to go legal proceedings. i told my brother to go to police. Meanwhile my dad felt if he goes to police FIR will be on my name and it will damage my softwaer my dad went to him and seeking for compromise.My brother extracted Rs.2 lakh cash in no evidence.As my dad is not educated and felt solved problem,he didn't think about the evidence of giving money. now he started again demanding money.But we refused .so He came to my home heavily drunk when my mum was alone. He misbehaved with her physically and used bad language and threatened to kill your son.. she got afraid.He is living around us only.So whenever my mum goes shopping,he stops her and uses bad language and blew the cigarette smoke on her face. i feel like crying to put my parents in this bad situation .how do i get out of this bad situation.... I dont want file/hurt my brother though he done so much to my parents becos of his future with his wife and kids.

Meanwhile i came to know he got New passport and doesn't have any problem with his new passport but still tortures us.
Title: Re: Passport Blackmail
Post by: advromitdatta on April 27, 2014, 11:13:49 PM
Do u have a passport of your own now. And how is a son threatening his parents, if he has yo blackmail he can do so with u