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Title: Why Copyright registration is necessary?
Post by: admin on February 08, 2012, 09:04:06 PM
It is desirable to officially register your works with the Registrar of Copyrights in India.

Reasons to Register
here are two fundamental reasons to Register:

1) ability to sue; and
2) statutory damages.

Dangers of Non-Registration
To see how all of this plays out, assume that this Web page has not been registered. As we know, this page is in tangible form, and is therefore protected by copyright. If someone from The Plagiarism Website comes and copies this page verbatim and places it on that Website, then my copyright has been infringed. In order to sue The Plagiarism Website for copyright infringement, I would have to register this web page with the copyright office. If I was in a hurry to file the lawsuit,

# To copyright your books, websites Softwares, Music album, Videos, Films or fashion Design etc click here:

# This is how a Copyright Certificate look like click here:

# entire Registration Process work flow chart click here:

# Copyright in India is recognized virtually worldwide under the Berne Convention and the applicable law of its member nations. Click here to see the list of countries where your copyright stands valid when registered in India: