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Title: My wife or her family is threatening to file 498a what should i do?
Post by: amit on February 09, 2012, 06:55:43 AM
A. Safeguard yourself, your parents and your relatives.
1) Be very polite in all circumstances. Record all conversations (voice, chat, email, letters, etc.) with those threatening and keep the originals in a safe place. Never produce the originals before anyone, not even before your lawyer.

2) Write a complaint to your nearest police station, detailing about blackmailing, her false allegations and her unscrupulous behavior. And request in your complaint to make her stop the threats and abuses immediately.

3) File Restitution of Conjugal Rights Remember to include conditions that she should agree on before she starts living with you again.

4) Collect evidence to prove that you have neither demanded dowry or have taken it anytime.

5) Collect evidence to prove that she moved out of the bond of marriage for no apparent reason.

6) If she does not already know, make sure that she does not come to know that any of your family members is an NRI.

7) Don't remain home during weekends and holidays. Have proofs of where you were. For instance, if you were in a mall, have a credit card transaction in that mall and keep the copy of that transaction.