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Title: what are the Benifits of copyright Registration in India
Post by: advswagata on June 27, 2013, 01:24:33 AM
Here are some of the reasons i have gathered, why one should copyright ones creative work:

# A registered copyright puts the rest of the world on notice.

# It's your legal proclamation to the world that you own certain intellectual property and unauthorized copies are illegal.

# Registration warns would be thieves that any larceny of your ideas is at their own risk.

# A registered copyright gives credit where credit is due. This is a legal, public record that you are the author of a work of art, not someone else. Registration vindicates a very important principle beyond issues of money.

# A registered copyright let's you sue for 'statutory damages' and lawyers fees. In simple terms, suing for statutory damages means you don't have to prove that you actually suffered harm from a copyright violation. A typical lawsuit requires proving harm.

# A registered copyright, in a copyright infringement lawsuit, provides clear evidence that you own certain intellectual property. This means that the defendant in the lawsuit has the burden of proving that no violation occurred or they lose.

#  A registered copyright let's you stop someone from making illegal copies. You can obtain a court order that forces an infringing party to cease and desist from their infringement. This is what occurred when record labels sued Napster.

# A registered copyright is necessary to sue for copyright infringement. In order to take advantage of the system, you need to be a player. You gain significant legal protection by registering your copyright under the laws of copyright.

# A registered copyright provides legal protection beyond death. It often create a situation where your copyright can still be enforced after you're long gone. Although you can't take riches to heaven, this would be important for someone who wants to provide for loved ones after they're gone.

# A registered copyright saves time and money. It's certainly possibly to sue someone for stealing your intellectual property even without a registered copyright, it's just not a good idea. For some reason, waving a certificate of copyright, rather than lyrics scribbled on a napkin, just seems to go over better in court. Registering a copyright makes this legal process much more simple and cost effective.
Title: Re: what are the Benifits of copyright Registration in India
Post by: advocatesingh on July 15, 2013, 05:18:29 AM
Copyright registration is Important for speedy justice. Without registration you are running a risk of proving your creative as yours and to do that years will roll by.

as you know Indian justice system cases run for ages, your grandchildren will get the verdict