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Title: Advice needed
Post by: smalltowner on November 21, 2013, 10:52:19 PM

I get interviewed on a regular basis by a popular english daily in my state as I am a known musician and was quoted in a recent interview as the organizer of a particular event.

Now, the event that we are talking about is a festival property owned by a big corporate, and we did the following :

1. Paid Royalty fees to do the event in our city.
2. Paid the artist fees for artists we booked through them.
3. Adhered to their terms of sharing our sponsorship amounts with them.
4. Did everything from booking the venue, sound and lights, security, printing of passes and other print media (designs sent and approved by them), getting a volunteer team together for promotion, booking hoardings and promoting the event etc. Basically we paid and did the entire production of the event, also we sold passes and the amount was solely ours (As was agreed).

Can I be sued by the corporate for being named as an organizer of the event in the news daily ? As you can see, we did organize the entire event and did pay our royalty fees. I need to know if I am infringing any trademark law by being named as an organizer.

They have strong armed us before and made us pay penalty. So I am afraid they might try it again as they like calling themselves the organizers even though they charge royalty fees, artist fees, sponsorship amounts and don't really partake in the execution of the event apart from approving certain things.

Plz advice. I am a little scared since its a big corporate and I am a small guy.
Title: Can I be sued for being named as an organizer of the event in the news daily
Post by: advkkreddy on February 09, 2015, 07:03:08 AM
no you cannot be sued for what is written in a daily news paper
Title: Re: Advice needed
Post by: Robinrusewell on September 15, 2015, 01:50:30 PM
I will suggest you to contact you to Intellect Goodwill. They will solved your issue.