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Title: Forming Contract Online
Post by: rupa on February 08, 2012, 04:20:15 AM
When you've surfed the Web, you've probably noticed that some web­ pages have a link at the bottom of the page labeled something like Terms and Conditions. If you've ever really been bored, you might have even clicked on the link to investigate. If you did, you probably found a contract that purported to govern your use of the site. Could a contract you didn't sign and that you didn't even have to read possibly be a real contract?

It turns out that this is actually an important and somewhat open question. It's important because if you own a website, the classic ad­ vice is that you must-absolutely must-have terms and conditions for website use. After all, it's your opportunity to have a completely one-sided agreement protecting your interests. However, how do you ensure that the contract you put on your site will hold up in court if you need it?