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Title: non cooperative wife
Post by: boopathy on February 07, 2014, 11:24:03 AM
we got married 4 years back. we have kid. and we  both are working. she is touchiness in nature.

earlier (4 years back) for small things(ex. if i am stuckup in a traffic and not able to attend her call 20 mins) she used to scold me like anything(especially there are some sensitive words which can easily get you very angry .. i think you can understand). i thought this will be reduced when times goes on. but it was not stopped and getting increased. i complained to her mother, she was telling me to adjust since she was grown out of home. she is very particular about my income and asking me to give everything so that she will take care of all. i said i cant because my family is depend on me, we will share our expenditure like house rent, groceries,transport,...etc and i even said her to give some money to her family and her siblings(because they are poor compared to my family). she said ok but later her character is totally changed  due to her friends and family members thoughts, she was not sharing any exp. for some months, once i faced financial prob. we called common person to solve the prob. then she was sharing. please dont think i am peaceful no never, if she had a problem in office she will show on me(same kind of scolding now with bad words targeting me and my family) and  after a year we had a kid now the problem is getting more and more. after that there are many incidents scoldings i felt i was in the edge marriage life. i thought i can apply for divorse. but i cant you know why i was arrested/bonded with my kid. that was stopping. once we went to police station also i have given a complaint to her that to stop using vulgar on my family. they have given some advice to her ask asked us to share your expenditure and live peacefully. but she was not following. till now in a week 3 days for any silly matter she will insist verbal fight. i am barring all expenditure for almost 1.5 year.  If I ask her anything to share she is scolding me badly and aksing me to give divorse. Now I am tottaly fed up  and thinking if I go to the court also mostly will be favour to women I donít know what I have to do please help me with you advice..
Title: Re: non cooperative wife
Post by: advromitdatta on February 08, 2014, 09:37:21 PM
so what do you want, Divorce????