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Title: Defamation Suit
Post by: on August 26, 2014, 08:03:00 AM
One person named K.S.Maley had obtained loan fraudently of Rs95Lacs and submitted my documents for guarantor and some one instead of me was presented to the bank officals in my placein collusion with bank officials. after a period of 4 months the said K.S.Maley stopped paying installments, the bank officials also got transferred, the new manager verified the documents and found some imbiguity,tried to contact K.S.Maley but failed subsequently a case was registered in the concerned police station and news about the same along with my name was published in leading dailies of the city through which I came to know, I went to the bank presented my side but they were not ready to hear me following which I  secured anticipatory bail which was confirmed thereafter, K.S.Maley had been also arrested and realeased on bail, the charges are yet to be framed, All I want to know from this forum is  :-
1)        I being a government servant  abnd a respected  and law abiding citizen had to undergo tremendous mental tension due the fraudulent ways of the said K.S.Maley and the Bank officials,wether I can File a Defamation Suit against them?
2)       If yes,for how much amount.?
3)      How much Stamp duty shall I have to pay to the court?
4)       When Can I file the Suit?
An early  sugeestions on the above is solicited as i am at a loss to understand my future course of action.
Thanking u all in anticipation.
Title: Re: Defamation Suit
Post by: advamrita on August 26, 2014, 09:42:25 PM
File a defamation case of rs 100 crores on the bank for destroying your name prestige and goodwill in society.

first file after that let us know