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Title: Marriage going nowhere
Post by: jandec1983 on September 17, 2014, 02:22:09 AM

To be precise, I am putting my case and queries as below :

History :

1. Got married in May 2014 (just 4 months back)
2. Girl and her parents misbehaved with my parents
3. Girl told I am a thief; beggar;
4. Girl and father asked 10 lac as alumani and threated to go to  court; I have phone recordings and SMS proofs
5. I made her stay at her parent's home for 2 months
6.  I don't want to live with that girl as we all are worried that she might put us in more trouble by making false allegations; e.g. domestic violence, dowry demand; etc.
7. Girl's parents chasing us to take the girl back and telling that they demanded money and threatened going to court only in aggression;
8. Girl's relatives saying she gets very angry at times (I have phone recording) and she told this before marriage.

Queries :

1. Can I file a case for Mental Cruelty (it's only 5 months of marriage)
2. Can I force her not to come back at my home by any court order;
3. Can the girl later ask for more money in court considering she has sent SMS demanding 10 lacs. I mean can she backtrack and say we had spent more than that or she wants more money in any case;
4. Can i force her not to come back and meet me in court after a year

Title: Re: Marriage going nowhere
Post by: advromitdatta on September 19, 2014, 07:51:55 PM
If a husband does nit want to stay with his wife, no court can force him to stay together. At most can persuade you thats all.

your wofe's demand for money can go against her as extortion.

you can file for cruelty anytime.