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Title: Property Allotment
Post by: Nagaveenal on March 10, 2015, 05:43:19 AM
Hi All,
There is court order which allotted 4 homes to me as mentioned below,
The schedule Propert consistiong of 4 suites in occupation of the tenants with managlore tiled roof with electrical power, water facilities etc., with a right to all the four walls bounded on :
east by : Reamining property of Shivamurthy
West by : house of siddegowda
North by : Srirama road
South by : House of Swamyshetru

Question :
1. There is space in betwwen allotted Home and swamyshtru home(West). Will it belongs to me or it belongs to Shivamurthy(east) as the property is allotted from Shivamurthy to me.
2. What is the meaning of Wall Bound??

Kindly suggest the anwesr