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Title: Details on Section 12 (1) (a)
Post by: mohanchemist on March 04, 2016, 02:50:43 AM
Hi Sir/Madam

         I got married last year on 2015 june, from the first day of marriage itself she was started to torcher me in all the ways, she deny sexual relationship, i waited for few months and in these days i recognize that she was mentally insane and doesn't have maturity in all things even if i touch her she creating a scene as i touched here and there etc
i was mentally depressed days pass by i have informed her parents  they to doing the same that we have to adjust her ,various panchayats were gone but all of the persons were agreed that she was mentally unmature but not taking steps to make any movement further, in this time her parents were gone to all of my relatives house and told that i have some STD and lots of affairs, and they scolded all our familys and trying to beat me with goons, in this time i filed a case on SECTION 12 (1)(A)  first phase of counselling was held and counselors was too agreed that she is mentally immature., Please help me in this that how long this case will take time and she told counselor she will live if i was got  separate  from my family, really in these days i suffered a lot, mentally and physically , i don't need her know , their family making all the things to trap me , and they have telling some nonsense to my office colleagues and my family colleagues too, i feel depressed while they asking about it again & again. pls tell me the solution,

Pls sorry i for this prolonged message 
Title: Re: Details on Section 12 (1) (a)
Post by: advbose on March 05, 2016, 07:29:29 PM
You are staying together and filed a case for dissolution of marriage on grounds of non consummation of marriage.

What is the progress report of the case