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Title: Passport with inlaws
Post by: johnkeatsind on May 10, 2016, 12:10:29 PM
Hi All,

My passport is with my inlaws living in chandigarh. I am in gurgaon. There are some marital and family issues happening between my family and wifes family. Still families are meeting coordially. But due to some reason they are denying passport is with them. I know its with them. How to get it back? Can I get search warrant to get it? But that will spoil relations further. Please advise.
Title: Re: Passport with inlaws
Post by: advarjun on May 10, 2016, 08:32:01 PM
Inform them holding someone else's passport is illegal.

You have the option of lodging a police complaint.

But since its a family matter I would suggest.

You give a lost passport complaint and get a new passport.

That would be wiser.
Title: Re: Passport with inlaws
Post by: advjaibansal on May 10, 2016, 11:07:06 PM
Dear Sir,

Rather than getting into some or other complaints which may further affect the relations. I would advise to file a complaint for loss of passport and apply for new passport rather than waiting for them to return the passport.

Title: Re: Passport with inlaws
Post by: rajgopal sripathi on May 11, 2016, 08:24:36 AM
Please consider it as a lost passport and apply for re-issue of passport and follow the following steps: Following documents must be submitted along with the application:
Proof of Present Address
Proof of Date of Birth
Affidavit stating how and where the passport got lost/damaged (Annexure 'L')
Police report in original
Self-attested photocopy of first two and last two pages, including ECR/Non-ECR page of old passport, if available.