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Title: Need advice for my case in 295A of IPC and 66A of the IT act.Please Help.
Post by: brianalmeida22 on May 22, 2017, 11:09:55 AM
Hello, Please help me by providing me advice in my case.
On this April 11th,an FIR was registered against me for sharing a post over facebook, the post contained thoughts against reservation which had offended a certain religious group. Nevertheless, the post was unintentionally shared by me. Sections 295A of the IPC and section 66A of the IT act was put on me. I was in custody for a day and then, sessions court had ordered a one day Police Custody for me. I was granted bail the next day, My phone was confiscated on the grounds of investigation, The chargesheet hasn't been filed yet. I fear what police might put in the chargesheet. Although, the post wasn't created by me , It was merely shared by me. I fear whether the police might put false charges on me in the chargesheet. I am 18 years of age, I am studying in Second Year of my Bachelors Degree. I am scared, if police puts false charges in the chargesheet it will cause a great disruption in my studies too. I am depressed please help.
P.S. Section 66A has been scrapped out by the Supreme Court of India and recently, It was announced that unintentional insults of religion doesn't fall under the section 295A. I belong from a financially weak family, please help. My family and I am under a lot of stress.