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Title: online shopping unjustifiable returns
Post by: Cerebrl on August 05, 2017, 02:23:25 PM
Hello all....
I am an online seller.The return window of our products is 30 days.Recently a customer bought a product worth Rs 7000 and returned it saying that the clasp is malfunctioning.We had to accept the return as it was well within 30 days.
All our products are tagged and its clearly written on the tags that first inspect the product and if you are sure that you want to keep the product only then cut the tags.The product can't be returned if the tag is cut, tampered or removed.
Also when the product is packed it is video recorded and when the return comes back that too is video recorded.
Now in this particular case , when the product was sent there were 4 items and all were tagged.we have video recording showing the same.
When we opened the return ( again video recorded) , all the 4 tags were cut , also there was no problem with the product as claimed by the customer.
In this case can we sue the customer for misusing online return policies and what would be normal course of action in such a case, which laws and which sections would be applicable .would really appreciate the timely help.